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Good-bye Noughties, Hello 2010!

January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

So, we’ve been back in the US of A for about 3 months now and, boy, is this blog behind! We’ve been busy getting settled, getting over what may or may not have been malaria, finding a place to live, dealing with movers, sorting through things that have been in storage for 3 years, buying 2 cars, remembering what it’s like to drive everywhere, getting new phones and phone numbers, catching up with family and friends and making decisions on life-changing events.

Speaking of life-changing events, this past decade has been full of them. Here’s what happened to me during the noughties.

  • My nephew, Brendan, was born.
  • My nephew, Preston, was born.
  • My niece, Sidney, was born.
  • I met my best friend, Kate, and we studied abroad in Austria. I would have never left the USA if it wasn’t for her.
  • I lived in my first apartment.
  • I declared a major that impacted my future more than I ever imagined.
  • I met the love of my life and had a secret office romance.
  • My niece, Ansley, was born.
  • I graduated college with a bachelors degree and masters degree.
  • I moved to Louisville, KY with Kate and started my first career job.
  • I ran the Louisville Triple Crown of Running and the Kentucky Derby half marathon.
  • I married Josh, my love, and we moved to Zurich, Switzerland.
  • We spent our first Christmas in Paris without our families and decided we would never do that again. (The no families part, not the Paris part!)
  • I sort of learned how to ski.
  • I learned how tried to speak German.
  • I had a very hard time being away from my family on the 10-year anniversary of my dad’s passing.
  • I traveled to 18 different countries while living in Europe.
  • Josh and I did a 6 month Round the World trip and visited another 15 countries before moving back to the US.
  • I became an adult.

Overall, the past decade was very good to me. I remember being a senior in high school in 1999 wondering what the year 2000 and the next 5-10 years would bring.  There is no way I could have imagined these experiences and I wouldn’t change any of it.  I hope that this decade is just as wonderful and adventurous.

As for looking forward, here’s a list of things to do in 2010:

  1. Back-post about our travels and get the blog up to date.
  2. Finish the 3 Blurb books that I have started.
  3. Find a job that I reasonably enjoy.
  4. See Kate, my best friend, at least 3 times.
  5. Each time I get a new book, get rid of a book or move one book to the keeper pile. Our house is getting overcrowded with books.
  6. Increase my vegetable intake.
  7. Attend at least one of my nieces’ or nephews’ birthday parties (if invited, they’re getting to that age…).
  8. Travel to at least one new place. Our travel budget is a bit depleted, so this may be harder than it seems.
  9. Get rid of the clothes I’m keeping in case I lose weight. All except 2 pieces for inspiration must go. If I lose it, I’ll just buy new clothes!
  10. Find a church to attend regularly.

I tried to quantify most of these so that I can actually evaluate if I’ve accomplished them. I don’t typically make resolutions or even set detailed goals, but I do love to-do lists and checking things off the list.

The past decade and 2009 will be hard to top, but here’s to making the  best of 2010!

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