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Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Glass Mountains, and Noosa National Park, Australia

July 26, 2009

Day 82

Sunset at Byron Bay

Sunset at Byron Bay

We left Port Macquarie in the morning and arrived in Coffs Harbor in time to have lunch by the sea. It was a short stop as we wanted to cover more ground today. We arrived in Byron Bay and had a chance to watch the sunset on the beach.

Byron bay though is infested with hippies, and we couldn’t find a cheap place to camp out, so we decided to move on. We drove at night and ended up in the Gold Coast around 9 o’clock.  We found what we thought was a good place to park (there’s lots of places to camp for free around Australia) but the cop that knocked on the van door an hour later didn’t agree with us. He told us we had to move.  We got back in the car and continued north.

Around midnight, we made our way to Glass Mountain National Park.  It’s dark so we’ll have to see what it looks like in the morning….

Day 83

….we woke up at the Glass Mountain Lookout point to a nice view of the Glass Mountains:

We ate breakfast out of the back of the van and drove on to Noosa Heads where we got out and did a two hour walk along the coast. During the walk, we saw one koala and several spectacular views:

After our walk in Noosa NP we drove on to Hervey Bay. We were really disappointed to find out that the whale watching boats weren’t going out yet since the whales were still further south. This was something we were really looking forward to. We camped in Hervey Bay and booked our trip out to Frasier Island for the next couple of days.

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