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Sugarloaf Point and Port Macquarie, Australia

July 19, 2009

Day 81

We woke up at Fraser Beach and started making our way north towards Port Macquarie. Along the way, we made a slight detour to Sugarloaf Point and the Seal Rocks. This was a really picturesque lighthouse that overlooked the Seal Rocks. In their day, the Seal Rocks were apparently the cause of quite a few shipwrecks.  It was very pretty, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but one of the highlights ended up being the whales that we say out in the bay:

The hump and spray in the middle of the picture is a whale. I promise they looked more impressive through the binoculars.

After the lighthouse, we went to a short walk through a coastal rainforest, but it ended up not being anything too special, so we pushed on to Port Macquarie.

We made it to Port Macquarie just in time to get to the Koala Hospital for the afternoon feeding and tour. We were really happy we did, as there were several Koalas moving around to see.  To quote the Poet, “Koalas are the friggin’ cutest animals ever. Cuter than puppies even.”

After the Koala Hospital, we went on to our campsite right on the water’s edge. One of the things Port Macquarie is known for is the breakwall, a stone wall along the harbor which people have been painting and writing on for who knows how long.

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