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Melbourne, Australia

July 7, 2009

Day 73

Thats a big plate of Roo. Loris first meal in Australia.

That's a big plate of roo. Lori's first meal in Australia.

We arrived in Melbourne in the evening, and our friend from Zurich, Tania, picked us up at the airport. We’ll be staying with here for the next couple of days. She drove us back to her apartment, and then we had dinner at a local restaurant with her and her boyfriend, Craig.

 Day 74

Today is a National Holiday in Australia to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, so Tania and Craig took us downtown to show us around Melbourne.

We got off the tram at Federation Square where there were some protests about racial violence in Australia going on (a fairly big issue at the moment).  After walking around the city for a little bit, went back to Tania’s apartment and made dinner after Tania took Craig to the airport.

Day 75

Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

We had originally planned to drive the Great Ocean Road today. However, the weather was pretty bad, and we’re a little tired. So, we slept in and sat around the apartment all day using the internet and had an enjoyable day being lazy.  We made dinner and ate with Tania.

Day 76

Weather was still bad today, so we’re just going to cancel the Great Ocean Road. Went to a movie: I Love You, Man. We both liked the movie but wee a bit put off by the cost of the tickets: A$ 34 (US$ 28) for both of us. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Tania’s neighborhood around Chapel Street. We made dinner in the apartment and ate with Tania when she got home from work. It was so nice to have a “home” and be able to relax.

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