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Nairobi, Masai Mara, Lake Naivasha and Amboseli, Kenya

May 25, 2009

Day 24

Travel day. Left for flight at Vic Falls airport at 8AM. Don’t arrive in Nairobi until tomorrow…

Day 25

A billboard along the road from the airport.

Arrived in Nairobi at 5:45AM. Too bad our bags didn’t. They were still in the Johannesburg airport somewhere according to the Kenya Airways “help” desk. We were met at the airport by a travel agent (friend of our previous guide through southern Africa) to help us get our bookings and plans for seeing the National Parks in Kenya and Tanzania organized. Our bags were supposed to arrived in the afternoon, so we made plans to leave early the next day and pick our bags up that afternoon. Of course the bags didn’t arrive, and we were told they would be delivered to our hotel that night. Of course, they weren’t…

Day 26

The Masai people are herders, so their cows and goats are everywhere, including the roads.

The Maasai people are herders, so their cows are everywhere, including the roads.

We still didn’t have our bags, so needless to say, we weren’t too sure what we should do since we were supposed to leave for the safari. Our travel agent said that it would be possible for him to have the bags shipped to us on the way, so we went ahead with the safari. We met our guides and set off first for a local shopping center where we could buy a few necessities. Then we headed for Masai Mara National Park. We were late arriving at the park so we didn’t have time to do the afternoon game drive (big disappointment, especially since we found out later that we couldn’t get our park fees back for today).

Day 27

Woke up for an early morning game drive. The highlight was definitely getting to see these two lionesses up close. There was a herd of zebra moving off in the distance that they were very interested in and eventually left to follow:

In the afternoon, we went on another game drive. There were two highlights from this one.

First, this gazelle was eating the afterbirth from the recent birth of a calf:

Second, we got to get up close to this cheetah with her two cubs:

Day 28

We drove to Lake Naivasha today, but this is really just a stop over for us on the way to Amboeseli. However, we were finally able to get our bags as they were delivered here. We had a few beers in the bar at the campsite. Tusker is the local brew and is really pretty nice.

We were impressed by the size of the thorns on this tree. We saw it all over Africa.

We were impressed by the size of the thorns on this tree. We saw it all over Africa.

Day 29

We drove from Naivasha to Amboeseli today. We did a game drive en route to our camp. Along the way, we got a few views of Mt. Kilimanjaro from our jeep:

We also saw a pack of vultures picking at this Zebra carcass, but nothing else too interesting.

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