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I’m Swiss. I have a Freitag bag.

December 15, 2008

If you want to fit in while in Zurich, you should get a Freitag bag. These things are everywhere. In November, after two years of observing these bags, we finally decided to get one.

The bags are made from completely recycled materials, used truck tarp with spare bicycle inner tube for the edges and old seat belts for straps. Used airbags are also used in manufacturing it, but I’m not sure how. The design has been copied by others, but apparently, this is the original. The Freitag brothers just wanted to make a water-resistant bag to use while riding their bike around Zurich and ended up with a huge enterprise.

We went to the Freitag Flagship Shop in Zurich to make the purchase. The shop is also made of recycled materials. It’s old shipping containers stacked on top of each other.

There are 3 or 4 floors of all kinds of bags and wallets. Each bag is unique, so every box has a picture of the bag inside.

Before making our purchase, we climbed up to the top container which has a lookout point. The shop is located just off the highway and next to the railroad tracks in an industrial area, so the view is of just that. The shop makes fun of it by pointing out the silly things you can and can’t see from up there.

We went back down to start looking at the bags. They are kind of pricy, so we had to get one we could share. That meant one that wasn’t too girly for Josh or too big for me.

Our selection: the medium messenger in off white with blue, orange and green.

So far, we’ve taken it to Berlin & Dresden and it was perfect. I highly recommend it.

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