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I Love My Mom – Part 4

August 12, 2008

After the trip to the Alphorn Festival in the Alps, we had one more week together before Mom had to go back home. Unfortunately, I had to work for a few days, so Mom made her way around Zurich, shopping, sitting at the lake, shopping, walking around the old town, shopping.

At night, we went to the Orange Cinema three times! It’s an outdoor cinema set up once a year at Zürichhorn which is right on the lake. We watched 12 in a Box (funny), Kung Fu Panda (cute) and Gone Baby Gone (irritating yet interesting). The best part was watching a movie with the lake and mountains in the background. I bought the tickets a month in advance so I was really worried about the weather, but it cooperated. We had beautiful nights each time.

Although the commercials before the movie lasted about 20 minutes and were in German, my mom seemed to get a kick out of them. (Well, she did for the first movie. They were the exact same commercials in the exact same sequence for the other movies.) There was one commercial in particular that she like for which I have to admit is a little funny.

Click here for a SonntagsZeitung commercial that got quite a few chuckles from the crowd. (I don’t know how to embed this!)

Come on – click it. It’s pretty funny.

Finally, I was able to take the day off work on Thursday, so Mom and I headed to the lake to get some sun and relax. And when I say get some sun, I mean it. I swear I put sunscreen on, but I was sunburned by the time we left. We left around 1 or 2 and took a nice boat ride across the Zürichsee to Rapperswil. It was a very peaceful 2 hour boat ride. I don’t know why I hadn’t done this before.

We spent most our time strolling through the town, visiting the castle and churches and enjoying the views.

Rapperswil is so cute and we had a great time just hanging out together.

The next day, August 1, was a holiday in Switzerland – Schweizer Bundesfeier (Swiss National Day). I was excited because we missed it last year because we were vacationing in Alsace, France. Even though it was raining in Zurich, we ventured out to see the festivities of the day. We saw plenty of people in traditional dress and there was plenty of beer and cheese to go around, but I was extremely disappointed by the parade and lack of activities going on. I don’t know if the rain kept people away or if this is what it’s normally like.

Since that was kind of a bust, we went home and played games, had some wine, watched TV and really enjoyed our last day together. In the morning, Josh and I took Mom to the airport. After she checked-in, we had one last coffee together to say bye. I think that it gets harder to say bye to family and friends each time. I thought it would get easier! Mom made it through passport control before tearing up and I made it to the escalator down to the train before I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I’m so glad that we had this time together and I can’t wait to visit at Christmas.

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