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I Love My Mom – Part 3

August 5, 2008

For weekend number two, we headed to the Alps and actually made it this time.  After 3.5 hours on the train, we arrived at our hotel in Haute-Nendaz which is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Both the town and hotel were so cute!

And here’s the view from our hotel room:

On Friday afternoon, we explored the town and went to the small picnic-like event going on to celebrate the beginning of the 7th annual International Alphorn Festival.  It wasn’t very big and the hotel told us that the main events are on Saturday (the actual competition) and Sunday (the big festival). Nendaz is known as “The Bisses Country” because it has 8 bisses that run through the area with nice walking or hiking paths alongside them.  After dinner, we walked to the bisse closest to our hotel, The Middle Bisse, and went for a short walk and enjoyed the nature and wonderful weather.

On Saturday, we took the ski lift up into the mountains and hiked along the Bisse of Cherve.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

We only planned on hiking for a couple of hours but it ended up being for most of the day.  We made it back to Nendaz in time for the festival parade which was full of traditional Swiss things. It was actually the first time I’ve seen a St. Bernard in Switzerland!

On Sunday, we took the cablecar up to Tracouet, which has an altitude of 2,200 meters (7,200 feet), for the big festival. There was a small lake up there which was gorgeous with the mountains in the background. I really enjoyed the Alphorn players. They are really talented. We were able to watch the Concert of 100 players which was neat to see.

All in all, It was a great weekend!

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  1. November 3, 2008 1:41 am

    What a wonderful time I had with Lori and Josh. Switzerland is a beautiful place, I can really understand why Lori and Josh love it there so much. Although I miss them very much, I am very proud of everything they are accomplishing.


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