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July 7, 2008

One of my friends from high school, Sarah, visited us for several days and she was just in time to go to the International Yodeling Festival. How lucky!

We started the day by going up to Mt. Rigi and hiking around a bit. It was a gorgeous day and the scenery was fabulous.

After hiking for a few hours, we rode the train down and to Vitznau and took a nice, peaceful boat ride across Lake Lucerne to the town of Lucerne where the festival was taking place.

We arrived a bit later than we had expected and the place was packed. Since it was already close to 6pm, we didn’t really want to pay to go into the hall where the actual competition was taking place, so we just roamed around the crowds and the stands of bratwurst and beer. The nice ladies at the information booth told me that it’s really only necessary to the into the competition if you are really into it. Otherwise, some groups will do some impromptu yodeling that everyone can listen to and watch.

She was right! We saw several groups having a grand time yodeling. We walked up to two groups to get up-close concerts and they were really good. It was much better than the yodeling mountain climber on The Price is Right.

We saw several men dressed in traditional garb carrying around alphorns but we never saw them play them. Bummer.

After we had soaked in all the yodeling fun we could handle and I soaked in way more sun than I could handle, we went back to Zurich where Sarah and I talked and talked and talked about everything possible. It was so great to catch up!

Look at that burn line! Or the white tank top as everyone kept saying.
Look at that burn line! Or am I wearing a white tank top?
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  1. Abby permalink
    August 28, 2008 3:17 pm

    The international yodeling festival! Lucky indeed!

    Beautiful pictures…especially of the mens butts in traditional clothes.

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