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München mag dich

June 4, 2008

…Munich loves (likes) you. This is the city’s motto! How cute!

As mentioned below, we went to Munich with Rachel & girls. We arrived a little late on Sunday, May 11, so we checked in and then met up for dinner and called it a night. Rachel & girls stayed in a hostel in the middle of the city while we stayed in a rather nice Holiday Inn…on the outskirts of the city. Thanks hotwire.

We had such good luck with hotwire when we went to London. It was an amazing hotel in an amazing location for an amazing price. So, we decided to try it again. (If you don’t know what hotwire is, you basically pay for a certain star hotel in a specified area of a city but you don’t know exactly where or the name of the hotel. And it’s typically pretty cheap.) For Munich, there were only two choices for location: city center & airport. Obviously, we picked city center. Whoever told the Holiday Inn-Munich that they are city center was drinking a little too much weissbier. It wasn’t even on the map of the city! It was 1 km to the closest subway station and then 20 minutes into the city. Ridiculous! This should not be called city center.

Except for the location, the hotel was very nice. They had bikes that guests could rent for free, so we took advantage of that on our second day there. The hotel is very close to the English Gardens (northeast corner) so we took a nice bike ride through the gardens and parks into the city. The weather was awesome so the ride was very nice.

Munich has nice bike lanes everywhere and it’s relatively flat so I think it would be very easy to get around by bicycle if you lived there.

We met Rachel & girls at Marienplatz and had a big pretzel and decided on what to do for the day. Morgan & Marybeth took our bikes and rode through the English Gardens while Josh, Rachel, Meagan and I did a walking tour of the city which hit all of the main attractions. We all met at the Hofbräuhaus for dinner and some liter beers.

On Tuesday, we went to the Dauchau Concentration Camp Memorial Site. I went there when I was studying in Bregenz, Austria in the summer of 2001, but I didn’t mind going back because it had a big effect on me. I think it was the first time that I ever really thought about how horrible the holocaust actually was. I remember learning about WWII and taking tests over everything and I’ve even read a few books by survivors and others, but this was the first time that it hit me that this stuff really happened. They have added to their exhibition since I was there seven years ago which explains more of the history of the camp. This was not the worst of the concentration camps, but it was the first one and it was used as the basis and blueprint for all of those that followed.

When we got back to Munich, we were all a bit down, so we just had a nice, calm dinner. Josh and I were leaving for Copenhagen the next day, so this was our last evening with Rachel & girls. It was sad when we said good-bye. We had such a great time hanging out with them and it was very good big brother – little sister bonding time and also sister-in-law bonding time. Just like her mom, Rachel started to cry when we said bye which made me cry and I’m sure Josh was crying on the inside.

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