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We’re back! And we’re old.

June 3, 2008

Well, we’re back from our big trip for the year. We spent two weeks in Scandinavia and one week in Russia. It was quite an adventure! But we’re behind on the blog and need to back up a little.

Rachel and three friends, Meagan, Morgan & Marybeth, came to visit us for a few days in May. We were so excited! I had to work in the morning, so Josh started them on their tour of the big Z. I met up with them at Grossmunster and we walked to Bahnhofstrasse before heading back to Bellevue to get a sausage and beer.  Looking back, that was probably a bad idea since the girls were already struggling to stay awake.  We walked to the park by the lake in front of our office and sat down for a little bit. The next time I looked at the girls, Rachel, Meagan & Morgen were asleep and Marybeth was in a daze. After a 30 minute nap we headed home. For dinner, we fed them what we feed all of our guests…raclette!


I think they liked it…even Meagan!

Over the next two days, we went to Lucerne, one of our favorite towns in Switzerland, and had fondue at Chuchi (anyone surprised?). After these three days with us, they were off on their own. Rachel & girls went to Interlaken for a few days and survived. When they came back to Zurich, we met them at the train station to head to Munich. We all hung out for 4 days in Munich before Rachel & girls went to Prague and Josh & I flew to Copenhagen to start our trip.

We had so much fun with Rachel and Meagan, Morgan & Marybeth even though this is the first time I have every really felt old. I guess that’s what happens when you try to hang out with 19 & 20 year old’s for a week. But we’re really glad you could come visit and we miss you already!

See you at Christmas.

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