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Venetian Style

May 1, 2008

We took a Friday and Monday off of work to spend a 4-day weekend in Venice April 18-21. Everyone was warning us that going in April was not a good idea because the sinking city would be flooded. Well, everyone was wrong! The weather cooperated and the city was not underwater! It was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great time.

We flew to Venice since there is no direct train from Zurich. Once we arrived, we had to take a water bus (Vaporetto) to actually get to Venice.

We checked in to our B&B and then headed out into all the cute streets along all the even cuter canals. I took so many pictures. Every time we turned down a new street, everything just looked so cute. We decided to go to the Grand Canal and cross the Rialto Bridge to get to St. Mark’s Square.



From the Rialto, we were just going to follow the signs to St. Mark’s but it got a little confusing.



But, we eventually made it.



We had dinner in a nice little cafe. I ordered Venetian style cuttlefish thinking it would be some kind of white fish that I would almost certainly like. Boy, was I wrong. It was disgusting.

On Saturday, the weather was amazing. We walked all over the place. We visited some churches and monuments, but we mostly just enjoyed the scenery and tried some of the local wines. We were planning to wait until sunset to do the obligatory gondola ride, but the weather was so nice taht we deicded to go in the afternoon. It was expensive but it was so fun and just beautiful.



The weather continued to be gorgeous on Sunday. We took a boat to the island of Murano which is where the famous Murano glass is made. We went into some glass blowing factories and watched a man make a glass horse which was really neat. We browsed the shops, had some gelato and enjoyed the town.



On Monday, our weather luck had run out. It was pouring in the morning but we braved it anyways. We went shopping and people watching for a few hours before heading to the airport.

I took over 300 pictures which is just ridiculous, but everything about the city is cute and I’m glad we have them.

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