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NKOTB – Don’t read if you don’t know what it means

April 4, 2008

Can you believe it? It’s official. New Kids on the Block have announced that they’re doing a reunion tour! I’m so excited about this. I was a HUGE KNOTB fan (peaking in the fourth grade) and my mom and sisters will confirm that I had almost every Joey McIntyre thing possibe – I had the Joey doll, I ♥ Joe hair bow, I ♥ Joe earrings, a t-shirt with only Joey on it… I was in love. The decision to love Joe was partially a practical one. Joey is the youngest and, therefore, closest to my age. It’s only reasonable that we would have the most in common. However, we can’t forget those baby blue eyes…so dreamy. I also had NKOTB pajamas, a lunch box, an oversized button and videos and tapes galore (except the Christmas album which Leslie got for Christmas instead of me). I was their #1 fan according to my personalized letter from them that I got for joining the NKOTB fan club.

Lucky for Josh, I fell out of love with Joe when I started middle school and it was no longer cool to listen to the New Kids.

Now that I’m 27 (although my German teacher thought I was 35) and don’t care what the middle schoolers think, I have to admit, I am looking forward to this reunion tour. I didn’t get to go to a New Kids concert back in the day (although I did enjoy MC Hammer’s 2 Legit 2 Quit Tour) and now I have my chance to make up for it.

I went to a Take That reunion concert in October with some friends here including 3 British girls who were major Take That fans. Who is Take That you Americans ask. They were the British equivalent of a 1990’s version of NKOTB. The group originally included Robbie Williams, an enormously famous and successful solo artist who just can not make it in the US. It was so fun to see so many 25-35 year old women singing along with a group of middle-aged men trying to act young again. I mean this in only the nicest way and I’m not being sarcastic. It really was a good time.

So, now that I’ve seen the grown-up version of a boy band I didn’t even know existed until a few months ago, I’m excited to see the grown-up version of the New Kids.

I must say that they have grown up very nicely, especially Joe.

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