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Road to Recovery

March 8, 2008

It has been three weeks since my little skiing accident and I am doing so much better! I went to the plastic surgeon three times and he gave me different creams to put on my face to help the healing and reduce the scarring. It seems to be working. I may end up with a small car on my forehead above my right eye. The skin on my nose is still very sensitive and red but I think it will eventually be back to normal.

The skin on my back has healed really well from what I can tell by looking in a compact into the bathroom mirror. The bruises on my bum are almost gone. I’m still having some small pain in my lower back but it is nothing compared to what it was! I have been going to the physical therapist for a couple of weeks now. I doubt I will continue going for much longer due to, let’s say, irreconcilable differences.

I started back to work last week. All in all, we have been laying low the few weeks and watching a lot of college basketball on the slingbox.

A major highlight of the last couple of weeks is that I received mail that was not junk or bills. I opened it to find the sweetest get well picture from my nephew, Brendan.

I’ll get back to you on if this is me and him or him and Preston or Josh and him or who is in the picture after I talk to him. I’m not sure at the moment. Seriously, it made me smile for the rest of the day!

Editor’s note: After speaking to Brendan’s mother, Leslie, she informed me that it is Brendan (left) and me (right). I should have known because he is the shorter one!

Other things to report:

  • Season 4 of Grey’s anatomy started airing here so I now have something to look forward to on Monday evenings.
  • No one seemed to notice Leap Day.
  • My niece, Ansley, had a zebra-themed 4th birthday party. I’m sorry I missed it because I know it was super-cute.
  • Josh’s mom had a birthday but no zebra-themed party.
  • Migros, one of two grocery store chains, rearranged the produce section in our local store. It was very confusing at first but I like it better.
  • It’s international women’s day.
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