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Crashing the Pity Party

February 23, 2008

While I was lying around at home on Thursday, enjoying my one-person pity party, the doorbell/buzzer rang. I was a bit shocked and didn’t really know what to do because no one ever rings our buzzer except the pizza guy and I wasn’t quite up for pizza yet. I thought maybe it was the postman, so I just ignored it.

It buzzed again, so I hit the unlock button to let the person in the apartment building and went to open the door. Then I realized I hadn’t stepped outside the apartment all day and couldn’t open the door. Our door has key locks on the outside AND inside. So, if the door is locked, you must have a key to unlock it. I searched on the table and desk for my keys with no luck. The doorbell rang as I decided to get the spare key. I finally found it and unlocked the door to find a man holding a beautiful basket of flowers.

“For Frau Larrison,” the man said and then immediately turned and left before I could say anything. Interesting fellow. I looked at the card and couldn’t help but smile. It was a lovely bouquet from my sister Lee

Ann and her family. They really made my day and I think they made me feel a little bit better too.

Thank you Lee Ann, Scott, Sidney and Ansley! I love you and miss you!

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